Monday, August 20, 2012

Must Have Monday!

I'm linking up with my friends at Blog Hoppin' to share my all time FAVORITE teacher things! 

1. Mr. Sketch Markers (the ones that SMELL!) These markers are one of my first memories of third grade with one of my favorite teachers, Ms. Poston. The smells make drawing fun and take me back to a very happy place!
2. Keurig Coffee Maker and Green Mountain Apple Cider: OH SO YUMMO!  The perfect alternative to my regular cup of coffee. It's so warm and doesn't get me hyped up and allows me to have a Coke mid-day without feeling guilty!

3. Post it notes- I mean really? Who can do WITHOUT them? I make notes on them, graph with them, and this year... I am giving each child a mini one to draw their self portrait, write their name and border a blank piece of paper to make class stationary! Cute huh?! Thanks Pinterest!

4. The Magic Treehouse series: These books are excellent for read alouds in my first grade classroom. You can teach so many skills (and learn about the coolest places!) *See my previous post on how I use the Magic Treehouse series in my class.

5. My clipboard and "Tally Chart" : I know it sounds silly, but my clipboard goes EVERYWHERE with me! Its cute too--decorated with doggie themed ribbon and school colors . I use a different "Tally Chart" each day. On the chart, each child has a square where I record their lunch choice, positive behaviors (and the other kind :)  ), transportation changes, academic successes and challenges for that day, etc I date the form and file them in a 3 ring binder. It is  the perfect form of documentation when planning for Parent Conferences and such.


  1. Hi I'm a newbie blogger too. I also make the stationary for parent thank you's and the kids love it. Stop on over my blog to share ideas.

  2. love love love post it notes too

  3. I love me some post it notes, too! I've been warning my family that I'm going to get one of those coffee makers for my birthday from them.

    Love your blog!!
    Owl Things First

  4. I never thought of reading Magic Tree House aloud to my class! Great idea!! Thanks for sharing.
    Split Grade Escapade