Thursday, October 4, 2012

Currently...and a new addiction

I love me some Currently' be honest I've always read them but NOW I'm going to actively participate! So, I've linked up with 'Oh, Boy! Fourth Grade' for my FIRST real CURRENTLY! (check her out and link up!)  They seem easy enough-until you are filling them out and then everything  you think of is boring  not as interesting as everyone else's, but it's a great way to see (and follow) new bloggie friends and their blogs.  Here goes....

Ok, there was my first "Currently" and now I will fess up. I am addicted to clip art. (I should have added to my "wanting" comment :a MelonHead of myself. They are A-dorable! I have to have one!) AND fonts!  They always seem to make things cuter and work more enjoyable...hehehe  What are your favorite fonts and places to find clip art? Can't wait to hear about them!! Until then, thanks for dropping by, <3 to have new friends follow, and  Enjoy the Journey!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Elmer the Elephant Fun!

We have really been pounding the "I am special" theme here lately. It seems to building my little one's confidence in themselves AND their work--BINGO! We have had a blast with the lessons and crafts to serve as reminders while at home. So much fun that I thought I would share this one with you!

A traveling book seller (I guess that is what they are called...) brought in a BIG pack of Elmer books and a tote the other day- the colors drew me in like a moth to a flame. I'm a sucker for a good marketing ploy. Anywho, I was totally stoked when I found out we would be using Elmer  in our ELA block. SO..... we decided to make the connection last using it in our social studies block as well.

In the words of one of my favorite stars, Lavar from Reading Rainbow... "You don't have to take my word for it" this is how it all went down in the words of a firstie! (great handwriting, huh?)\
 Enjoy the (colorful) Journey!

traced a copy of an elephant on a thick transparency 

they did such a great job! I don't want to give them back! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Got a TpT product completed...NEED SLEEP :)

Wowzer... today is Tuesday and I am exhausted! I've had so much going on with school, lessons, school awards, duty, birthday parties... BUT, I did manage to complete a TpT product.. woot woot!
Red Ribbon week is quickly approaching (the end of this month) and our school wanted to do something FUN, ENGAGING, and that would wedge its way into the children's mind and STICK!!! With technology all the rage and a norm to our kids, we decided to go with the theme "iTune Out Drugs". We saw a couple of items as far as surcies go-pencils and stickers, but...that's about it.

That lit a virtual match under my bottom and I got to work.  So, here it is. A pack that includes iPods (that I learned how to create watching a tutorial!! ), creative writing templates using a mp3 theme (My Priorities...they write 3 priorities that can before making unhealthy choices...get mp-My Priorities he he he). There are mini ipods, both color and black and white, and writing templates for the little kiddos and one for the older friends. I hope you enjoy it (beyond Red Ribbon Week!)  Check it out and let me know if you have anything fun planned for Red Ribbon....  Enjoy the Ride!